Kingham Race History

In 1975 as part of the atttraction of the Kingham Church Fete, local runner Chris Harvey was asked to organise a road race around the village. Chris was a member of South London Harriers who throughout the 50’s and 60’s had runners representing England in cross-country International races.

National cross-country champion, Roland Langridge helped Chris organise the first race. It ensured that it was a success from the start and together they ensured that the Kingham Road Race attracted clubs from an extensive area of the country. The course changed slightly over the following years but the definative course was acredited by the Road Runners Club as a 71/2 mile race and went in a figure of 8 from Kingham to Churchill and back again. This allowed the supporting families to stand on the village green and watch.
The Kingham All Blacks Football Club took over the organisation a few years on continuing the popularity and success.
In 1991 the course record was set by the then current British International 10,000m runner, John Sully of Herne Hill Harriers of 37 minutes 10 seconds.

During this period there was a proliferation of races in the area and suddenly the Kingham Road Race faced stiff competition. The numbers of the entries declined, local runners and clubs rallied to help and it was included in part of the local athletic calendar. As marathon running became more popular, shorter races suffered.

In recent years Kingham Primary School have taken over the organisation, changing the course in 2010 through the Daylesford Estate and the village of Cornwell. We have decided to return to the original course this year of 12K on road only because of the excessive fall of rain already. This way we can guarantee the race will not only take place but it will be the more unusual distance.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

Thank you for your continuous support.